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indeed he played the major role in its development. But the idea originated with Price, in an unpublished manuscript that Maynard Smith had reviewed for Nature. Maynard Smith later explained that “Dr Price is better at having ideas than at publishing them. The best I can do therefore is to acknowledge that if there is anything in the idea the credit should(More)
Some non-human primates produce acoustically distinct alarm calls to different predators, such as eagles or leopards. Recipients respond to these calls as if they have seen the actual predator, which has led to the notion of functionally referential alarm calls. However, in a previous study with free-ranging putty-nosed monkeys (Cercopithecus nictitans(More)
Studies of postconflict behavior have focused on Old World primates, particularly on members of the cercopithecines and chimpanzees. We present data on patterns of reconciliation in two captive groups of spectacled leaf monkeys, members of the Colobinae. Reconciliation occurred at a high rate relative to that in other primate species and within the first(More)
Many animal vocal signals are given in a wide range of contexts which can sometimes have little in common. Yet, to respond adaptively, listeners must find ways to identify the cause of a signal, or at least rule out alternatives. Here, we investigate the nature of this process in putty-nosed monkeys, a forest primate. In this species, adult males have a(More)
We studied the postconflict interactions with group members other than the former opponent in two groups of spectacled leaf monkeys. We found no evidence of redirection of aggression towards other group members. Victims and aggressors sought affiliative contacts with uninvolved third parties. There was no evidence for consolation—affiliative contact(More)
Syntax is widely considered the feature that most decisively sets human language apart from other natural communication systems. Animal vocalisations are generally considered to be holistic with few examples of utterances meaning something other than the sum of their parts. Previously, we have shown that male putty-nosed monkeys produce call series(More)
Observations of alarm calling behaviour in putty-nosed monkeys are suggestive of a link with human language evolution. However, as is often the case in studies of animal behaviour and cognition, competing theories are under-determined by the available data. We argue that computational modelling, and in particular the use of individual-based simulations, is(More)
Immunoglobulin-containing food products and nutraceuticals such as bovine colostrum are of interest to consumers as they may provide health benefits. Commercial scale colostrum products are valued for their immunoglobulin G (IgG) content and therefore require accurate analysis. One of the most commonly used methods for determining total soluble IgG in(More)
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