Kate AR Frencham

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The authors performed a prospective, unbiased analysis of a cohort of young patients assessed consecutively with the question of dementia. The onset of patients' cognitive symptoms was prior to the age of 65 years. A study group of 226 patients was followed for a mean duration of 4.59 +/- 2.23 years (1 SD; range, 0.04-7.86 years). The diagnoses were(More)
Confabulation can be of two types: provoked or spontaneous. The former is the more common and can occur on challenge to an amnesic patient's memory. Spontaneous confabulation involves an unprovoked outpouring of unbelievable autobiographical claims. The purpose of the present paper is to synthesize the current literature on confabulation for the use of(More)
OBJECTIVE Frontal and/or temporal lobar atrophy (F/TA) is sometimes detected on neuroimaging in patients with psychiatric disease. This observation leads to difficulty in distinguishing whether patients have fronto-temporal dementia (FTD) or psychiatric illness. This paper sets out to develop clinical profiles that might be useful at first presentation to(More)
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