Kateřina Uhlířová

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Recently, we used cell-free assays to demonstrate the toxic effects of complex mixtures of organic extracts from urban air particles (PM2.5) collected in four localities of the Czech Republic (Ostrava-Bartovice, Ostrava-Poruba, Karvina and Trebon) which differed in the extent and sources of air pollution. To obtain further insight into the biological(More)
We analyzed the spreading and persistence of PSTVd variants in several ornamentals in the territory of the Czech Republic. The pool of PSTVd variants detected in Solanum jasminoides, S. muricatum, Datura sp. and Brugmansia sp. was biolistically transferred to Matricaria chamomilla, Argyranthemum frutescens and Diascia sp., species which we found as(More)
Many current research efforts in strongly correlated systems focus on the interplay between magnetism and superconductivity. Here we report on coexistence of both cooperative ordered states in recently discovered stoichiometric and fully inversion symmetric heavy fermion compound Ce3PdIn11 at ambient pressure. Thermodynamic and transport measurements reveal(More)
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