Kateřina Mikulíková

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The protein composition of the insoluble avian eggshell matrix was studied. The determination of these proteins insoluble in water (EDTA-insoluble) was carried out using enzymatic cleavage followed by a high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry method. The influence of various enzymes on the protein splitting also was studied. The(More)
The slowly metabolized proteins of the extracellular matrix, typically collagen and elastin, accumulate reactive metabolites through uncontrolled non-enzymatic reactions such as glycation or the products arising from the reaction of unsaturated long chain fatty acid metabolites (possessing aldehydic groups). A typical example of these non-enzymatic changes(More)
A method for the determination and quantification of collagen types I-V in rat tissues has been developed. This method is based on collagen fragmentation by cyanogen bromide followed by trypsin digestion. After that, HPLC-MS/MS (HPLC coupled to an IT mass spectrometer) analyses of the resulting peptide mixtures (peptide maps) were performed. Specific(More)
The depository effects that occur in slowly metabolized proteins (typically glycation) are very difficult to assess, owing to their extremely low concentration in the protein matrix. Collagen accumulates reactive metabolites through reactions that are not regulated by enzymes. A typical example of these non-enzymatic changes is glycation (the Maillard(More)
This article gives an overview of uncommon replaceable matrices (gels) for capillary gel electrophoresis. This electrophoretic technique is useful mainly for the separation and analysis of biopolymers-nucleic acids and their fragments, and proteins/peptides. Commonly used gels are not reviewed. Those mentioned and discussed here are gels containing(More)
The saiga horns have been investigated the using of modern analytic methods. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with mass-spectrometric (MS and MS/MS) detection and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) were used. It could be concluded that basic proteins of the saiga horns are keratins and collagen. The basic representation protein in all(More)
Non-enzymatic posttranslational modifications of bovine serum albumin (BSA) by oxo-compounds, particularly glucose, ribose, glyoxal and glutardialdehyde, have been investigated using a set of modern chromatographic and electrophoretic separation methods. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) alternatively with UV spectrophotometric (diode array) or(More)
This review paper gives an overview of capillary electromigration methods used in the analysis of collagen. Analyses of the parent chains as well as of the bromcyane and collagenase fragments of collagens are presented. Methods include capillary zone electrophoresis, capillary gel electrophoresis, micellar electrokinetic chromatography as well as(More)
A typical example of non-enzymatic change of collagen is glycation (the Maillard reaction, formation of advanced glycation end products) resulting from the reaction of sugars with the epsilon-amino group of lysine. Posttranslational non-enzymatic modifications of collagen by sugars were studied. Collagenous tissues were incubated as a test protein(More)
The diseases of respiratory system are nowadays one of the important medical, economical and social problems of modern civilization. A common symptom of these diseases regardless of their etiology, character, klinical manifestation and morphological findings is hypersecretion of bronchial sputum. Tracheobronchial mucus is produced by mucous bronchial glands(More)