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Seasonal variation in the diet of Tetrix tenuicornis (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae)
Many animals change their diet during the season according to food availability. The current field study determined whether the groundhopper Tetrix tenuicornis (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae), whichExpand
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Age-related mandible abrasion in the groundhopper Tetrix tenuicornis (Tetrigidae, Orthoptera).
A study was conducted to determine whether the mandibles of the detrito-/bryophagous groundhopper Tetrix tenuicornis are subject to mechanical wear as a result of feeding, as is the case forExpand
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External morphology of the antennae and sense organs of the groundhopper Discotettix belzebuth (Orthoptera, Tetrigidae)
Abstract The antennae of both sexes of the groundhopper Discotettix belzebuth (Serville, 1838) (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae) were examined using scanning electron microscopy. The antennae are composed ofExpand
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Feeding patterns in tropical groundhoppers (Tetrigidae): a case of phylogenetic dietary conservatism in a basal group of Caelifera
Groundhoppers (Tetrigidae) are a basal group of Caelifera that exhibit a conservative feeding strategy associated with the consumption of detritus and lower plants. We studied the feeding strategiesExpand
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Is feeding on mosses by groundhoppers in the genus Tetrix (Insecta: Orthoptera) opportunistic or selective?
Groundhoppers are considered to be detrito-bryophagous, and moss phyllodes represent a main food consumed by all studied species. We studied the food biology of two groundhoppers: the stenotopicExpand
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Synonymy of Discotettix adenanii Mahmood, Idris & Salmah, 2007 with D. belzebuth (Serville, 1838) (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae).
According to a study of type specimens of Discotettix adenanii Mahmood, Idris & Salmah, 2007 and copious specimens of D. belzebuth (Serville, 1838) collected in different parts of Borneo, we foundExpand
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Food digestibility and consumption rate in detrito-bryophagous groundhopper Tetrix subulata (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae)
Abstract Detrito-bryophagy represents a specific feeding strategy in orthopterans. We evaluated the consumption rate and digestibility of two main food components (detritus and moss) in a typicalExpand
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Energy balance of food in a detrito-bryophagous groundhopper (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae)
Detritus (decaying organic matter) and phyllodes of mosses are two main components in the diet of groundhoppers (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae). We studied the energy balance of consumed food underExpand
Seventh year of extensive mapping of orthopterans in the Czech Republic
V soucasne době probiha rozsahle mapovani rovnokřidlých po cele Ceske republice, jež povede k publikaci atlasu rozsiřeni. Vlastni mapovani, tzn. terenni výzkum, je realizovano jako každorocniExpand