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Vegetation dynamics at the upper elevational limit of vascular plants in Himalaya
A rapid warming in Himalayas is predicted to increase plant upper distributional limits, vegetation cover and abundance of species adapted to warmer climate. We explored these predictions in NWExpand
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Bacterial community of cushion plant Thylacospermum ceaspitosum on elevational gradient in the Himalayan cold desert
Although bacterial assemblages are important components of soils in arid ecosystems, the knowledge about composition, life-strategies, and environmental drivers is still fragmentary, especially inExpand
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Interactions between soil phototrophs and vascular plants in Himalayan cold deserts
Abstract The high-elevation cold deserts in Tibet and Himalaya are rich in soil cyanobacterial communities, which facilitate an initial establishment of vascular plants. During the followingExpand
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Gardening in the zone of death: an experimental assessment of the absolute elevation limit of vascular plants
Vascular plants in the western Tibetan Plateau reach 6000 m-the highest elevation on Earth. Due to the significant warming of the region, plant ranges are expected to shift upwards. However, factorsExpand
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Microbial photosynthetic and photoprotective pigments in Himalayan soils originating from different elevations and successional stages
Abstract Soil microbes evolved complex metabolic strategies including photoprotective and photosynthetic pigments to survive the environmental stress including high UV irradiance, oscillatingExpand
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Between Expulsion and Rescue: The Transports for German-speaking Jews of Czechoslovakia in 1946
Abstract:Postwar Czechoslovak authorities refused to exempt German-speaking Jews from anti-German policies, forcing them to prove their anti-fascist credentials in order to avoid persecution andExpand
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Biological soil crusts of cold deserts of W Himalaya
Proposed thesis is focused on the role of soil microbial crusts in the extreme environmental conditions of high-elevation cold desert of W Himalaya. Despite the importance of microbial soil crusts inExpand