Katayun Cohen-Kashi Malina

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BACKGROUND/AIM The sporadic form of the disease affects the majority of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients. The role of glutamate (Glu) excitotoxicity in ALS has been extensively documented and remains one of the prominent hypotheses of ALS pathogenesis. In light of this evidence, the availability of a method to remove excess Glu from brain and(More)
Autoantibodies to the GluR3-subtype of AMPA/glutamate receptors are found in the sera and cerebrospinal fluid of some individuals with epilepsy. They could possibly play a role in the pathophysiology of epilepsy since anti-GluR3 sera display glutamatergic agonist activity. We have investigated here the ability of affinity-purified antibodies (Abs) directed(More)
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