Katayoun Zand

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Carbon-nanotube-based semiconducting inks offer great promise for a variety of applications including fl exible, transparent, and printed electronics and optics. A critical drawback of such inks has been the presence of metallic nanotubes, which causes high-mobility inks to suffer from poor on/off ratios, preventing their applications in a wide variety of(More)
The interaction of cell and organelle membranes (lipid bilayers) with nanoelectronics can enable new technologies to sense and measure electrophysiology in qualitatively new ways. To date, a variety of sensing devices have been demonstrated to measure membrane currents through macroscopic numbers of ion channels. However, nanoelectronic based sensing of(More)
It has been reported that mitochondrial metabolic and biophysical parameters are associated with degenerative diseases and the aging process. To evaluate these biochemical parameters, current technology requires several hundred milligrams of isolated mitochondria for functional assays. Here, we demonstrate manufacturable wafer-scale mitochondrial functional(More)
We report label-free detection of single mitochondria with high sensitivity using nanoelectrodes. Measurements of the conductance of carbon nanotube transistors show discrete changes of conductance as individual mitochondria flow over the nanoelectrodes in a microfluidic channel. Altering the bioenergetic state of the mitochondria by adding metabolites to(More)
Single mitochondrial assays are uncovering a new level of biological heterogeneity, holding promises for a better understanding of molecular respiration and mitochondria-related diseases. Here, we present a nanoscale approach to trapping single mitochondria in fluidic channels for fluorescence microscopy. We fabricate the nanofluidic channels in(More)
Using nanofluidic channels in PDMS of cross section 500 nm × 2 μm, we demonstrate the trapping and interrogation of individual, isolated mitochondria. Fluorescence labeling demonstrates the immobilization of mitochondria at discrete locations along the channel. Interrogation of mitochondrial membrane potential with different potential sensitive dyes (JC-1(More)
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