Katashi Matsumoto

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Whole body autoradiography revealed that the distribution pattern of [35S]chlorpromazine and [14C]imipramine in the mouse and rat liver was heterogeneous (or reticular) shortly after intravenous administration of the labeled agents and then became homogene-ous. Microautoradiography by dry-mounting method revealed that the macroscopic heterogeneous pattern(More)
The corneal button from a 34-year-old woman with posterior polymorphous dystrophy was studied by light and electron microscopy. Ultrastructural findings showed coexistence of epithelial-like cells and abnormal endothelial cells, and Descemet's membrane composed of a normal anterior banded layer, and an irregular posterior homogeneous and collagenous layer.(More)
The morphological and functional alterations of hepatocytes were investigated on autopsy cases of human obstructive jaundice and experimentally common bile duct ligated rats. The livers were morphologically observed by light and electron microscopes, and in order to make clear the mechanism of bile flow, horse radish peroxidase (HRP) was injected in male(More)
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