Katarzyna Szymoniak

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Three non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms (T221C, T232A and C233T) were detected in exon 4 of the porcine leptin receptor (LEPR) gene. The T232A substitution could be identified as a (Tsp509I) restriction fragment length polymorphism. The frequency of genotype TT varied in six genetic groups from 0.62 (Duroc) to 0.99 (Polish Large White).(More)
UNLABELLED A visit to the gynaecologist is connected with considerable embarrassment and stress for most women. AIM OF THE RESEARCH To ascertain patients' opinions about gynaecological examination, frequency of visits, and doctors' attitudes towards patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS A hundred women from Western-Pomeranian region underwent an anonymous(More)
INTRODUCTION It is commonly known that gynaecologi- cal examinations cause a lot of negative emotions in the majority of women. The aim of my work was: 1. Getting to know women's views on the nature of a pelvic examination and their expectations regarding gynaecologists. 2. To determine the correlation between the examined views and independent variables(More)
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