Katarzyna Schier

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How children grow up differs from country to country. The aim of the present investigation was to compare childhood experiences, family characteristics and psychological features during the post-World War II period in Poland and Germany. A questionnaire regarding various childhood experiences and family circumstances was administered to two samples, one(More)
BACKGROUND Estimates about childhood abuse and neglect in various countries of the world indicate that cases of neglect outnumber cases of abuse by far. However, childhood neglect itself constitutes a neglected domain in psychological and medical research; far more articles have been published about abuse. SAMPLING AND METHODS A ten-item questionnaire(More)
Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in many Western countries. An exploration of factors associated with suicidality may help to understand the mechanisms that lead to suicide. Two samples in Germany (n = 500 and n = 477) were examined via Internet regarding suicidality, depression, alcohol abuse, adverse childhood experiences, and parent-child(More)
AIM The main goal of our study was to investigate the relationship between age, duration of pain, pain intensity, temperament traits as postulated by the Regulative Theory of Temperament (RTT), social support dimensions and the level of trauma symptoms, as appear in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in a sample of 300 patients suffering from chronic(More)
BACKGROUND Emotional parentification is considered harmful to a child's development. METHOD A total of about 975 patients were examined at a Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and in the practices of general practitioners with regard to childhood adversities. RESULTS Emotional parentification is a risk factor for 2 symptom groups: the patients with(More)
This paper presents the mechanisms of hypochondria from the perspective of different theoretical orientations in psychoanalysis. The authors analyze the significance of narcissism, the death instinct (mainly from the perspective of Melanie Klein's school) and the masochistic tendencies, in hypochondria. The paper presents the views of various(More)
In the generally accepted model of the diagnosis and rehabilitation in small deaf children, the main concern of various specialists is focused on the development of speech and hearing abilities. In our approach, we propose another perspective, in which the deaf child is not seen as an object of the speech education and where the specialists concentrate on(More)
BACKGROUND Back pain is the most common form of pain and leads to high costs in all medical care systems. OBJECTIVE The present study examines the prevalence of back pain and its associations with some basic demographics. METHODS Two samples from Poland and Germany (about n = 500 each) were examined via Internet regarding back pain, gender, age, and(More)
The main goal of the current study was to investigate sex differences in the relationship between the level of trauma symptoms appearing in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and intensity of pain in a sample of 300 Polish patients suffering from chronic pain, specifically rheumatoid arthritis and lower back pain. We also focused on participants' body(More)
Burnout is conceptualized as a multidimensional syndrome consisting of physical and emotional exhaustion, a decreased sense of personal accomplishment, and a tendency to evaluate oneself and one's work negatively. This article examines the severity of burnout symptoms and their relationship to temperament traits and social support in a large sample (n =(More)