Katarzyna Krasnowska

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The paper presents a modification — aimed at highly inflectional languages — of a recently proposed error detection method for syntactically annotated corpora. The technique described below is based on Synchronous Tree Substitution Grammar (STSG), i.e. a kind of tree transducer grammar. The method involves induction of STSG rules from a treebank and(More)
This paper reports on a Lexicalised Tree Adjoining Grammar for Polish, extracted automatically from the Polish constituency treebank. The grammar consists of 23 570 elementary trees anchored by 11 515 lexemes. Running the grammar on the sentences from the treebank using a modified version of TuLiPA parser showed that it achieves a high accordance (almost(More)
Multiwords reside at the intersection of the lexicon and syntax and in an annotation project, they will affect both levels. In the Eukalyptus treebank of written Swedish, we treat multiwords formally as syntactic objects, which are assigned a lexical type and sense. With the help of a simple dichotomy, analyzed vs unanalyzed multiwords, and the(More)
The paper introduces a new method for detecting and correcting errors in large dependency treebanks with rich morphosyntactic annotation. The technique uses error correction rules automatically extracted from the treebank. The procedure of rule extraction is based on a comparison of similar – but not identical – subgraphs of dependency structures. The(More)
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