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The treatment of total deafness using a cochlear implant has now become a routine medical procedure. The tendency to expand the audiological indications for cochlear stimulation and to preserve the remnants of hearing has brought new problems. The authors have studied the topographical anatomy of the internal structures of the ear in the area where(More)
The gas phase basicities (GPB) of 16 hydroxyl-radical-derived analogues of model pyrimidine nucleosides were analysed at B3LYP/aug-cc-pVDZ and G3MP2B3 levels of theory. All possible tautomeric equilibriums of neutral and protonated forms of pyrimidine analogues were taken into account. The oxidation of pyrimidines usually reduces the GPB values with respect(More)
Selected volatile organohalogen compounds (VOX) were investigated in urine samples from people living in different areas of the Gdańsk-Sopot-Gdynia TriCity (Poland). The analytes were isolated and preconcentrated using the so-called thin layer headspace technique with autogenous generation of the liquid sorbent. Final gas chromatographic determination was(More)
The source of information about the state of our environment can be both the abiotic part of the environment (water, soil, air) and samples of the biotic part, including tissues and body fluids of humans, who are continuously exposed to a wide spectrum of xenobiotic chemicals. The investigation of human body fluids (mainly blood and urine) can be a useful(More)
The paper presents the results of determination of volatile organohalogen compounds (VOX) in urine samples from subjects exposed to these compounds in their workplaces and through consumption of chlorinated tap water. The analytes were isolated and preconcentrated from the complex urine samples using the thin layer headspace (TLHS) technique with autogenous(More)
Solvent impact on the structural index of aromaticity was modelled by polarised continuum field approximation (IEFPCM) and hybrid quantum chemistry (QM/MM) method. Significant solvent related relaxation of the solutes geometries were noticed especially for highly polar species. The significant reduction of the aromaticity was observed for some aromatic(More)
TiO2 thin film obtained by the sol-gel technique was used as the active layer in an electric sensor to distinguish the vapours of four volatile organic compounds: hexane, hexanol, cyclohexane and benzene. The measurements were performed at various temperatures of the sensing layer. Some of the output signals obtained from the sensor were characterized by(More)
Resynthesized (RS) oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) is potentially of great interest for hybrid breeding. However, a major problem with the direct use of RS B. napus is the quality of seed oil (high level of erucic acid) and seed meal (high glucosinolate content), which does not comply with double-low quality oilseed rape. Thus, additional developments are(More)
Summary Chondromas of the skull base are extremely rare cartilaginous tumors. Etiology of chondromas remains unknown. The clinical presentation and radiological findings are not unique and cannot reliably distinguish from other similar lesions in this area. The low frequency of patients with chondromas of the skull base makes it impossible to draw(More)
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