Katarzyna Gosciewska

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In recent years, a large number of cameras have been installed in public spaces as a part of intelligent video surveillance systems. Such systems are being continuously developed due to the advancements in the Video Content Analysis algorithms. In this paper, some of the latest state-of-the-art intelligent video surveillance systems will be presented in the(More)
This paper describes recent improvements in developing SmartMonitor — an innovative security system based on existing traditional surveillance systems and video content analysis algorithms. The system is being developed to ensure the safety of people and assets within small areas. It is intended to work without the need for user supervision and to be widely(More)
"SmartMonitor" is an intelligent security system based on image analysis that combines the advantages of alarm, video surveillance and home automation systems. The system is a complete solution that automatically reacts to every learned situation in a pre-specified way and has various applications, e.g., home and surrounding protection against unauthorized(More)
SmartMonitor is an innovative surveillance system based on video content analysis. It is a modular solution that can work in several predefined scenarios mainly concerned with home/surrounding protection against unauthorized intrusion, supervision over ill person and crime detection. Each scenario is associated with several actions and conditions, which(More)
The aim of the General Shape Analysis (GSA) is to find one or a few most similar general templates for a processed object — exact identification is not performed, but the general shape features are obtained. The GSA approach may be applied for coarse separation of objects in the database prior to their classification or in the case when the data are(More)
Diabetes is called a disease of civilization. It occurs when the blood glucose level is too high and insulin level is too low to transport glucose into cells to produce energy. If left untreated , the diabetes can lead to long-term complications causing severe damages to the human body. Therefore, it is desirable to become aware of the causes that can(More)