Katarzyna Gobis

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A series of novel phenylsulfonyl-and 4-amino-phenylsulfonyl-carboximidamides were synthesized by condensation of sulfonamides with heterocyclic methyl carbimi-dates obtained from heterocyclic carbonitriles and used 'at its inception.' The molecular structure of the obtained compounds is discussed. Compounds possessing heterocyclic systems with a nitrogen(More)
The structural resemblance between the fused imidazopyridine heterocyclic ring system and purines has prompted biological investigations to assess their potential therapeutic significance. They are known to play a crucial role in numerous disease conditions. The discovery of their first bioactivity as GABAA receptor positive allosteric modulators divulged(More)
ABSTRACT A series of novel 1,2,4-thiadiazine 1,1-dioxides were synthesized by condensation of 2-chlorobenzenesulfonamide and 4-chloropyridine-3-sulfonamide with heterocyclic methyl carbimidates obtained from heterocyclic carbonitriles and used at the time of their creation. Substituted amidines were isolated as the intermediates in the reaction with(More)
A series of novel heterocyclic sulfonyl-car-boximidamides were synthesized in satisfactory yields via condensation of heterocyclic methyl carbimidates with 2-chlorobenzenesulfonamide and 4-chloropyridine-3-sul-fonamide. New structures were confirmed by IR and NMR spectra as well as elemental analyses. X-ray crystallography of two derivatives was performed.(More)
A series of novel S-esters of 2-(4-nitro-benzoyl)hydrazinecarbodithioic acid and S,S 0-diesters of (4-nitrobenzoyl)carbonohydrazonodithioic acid were synthesized by reaction of 4-nitrobenzohydrazide and N-methyl-4-nitrobenzohydrazide with carbon disulfide and alkyl halides in the presence of triethylamine. Novel 5-(4-nitro-phenyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazoles were(More)
New dimethyl benzoylcarbonohydrazonodi-thioates were obtained by CS 2 addition to arylcarboxylic acid hydrazides and methylation of the formed adduct. The new derivatives were tested for their activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Some compounds exhibited high activity toward sensitive and resistant strains.
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