Katarzyna Glowacka

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Changes in physiological parameters (relative water content (RWC), biomass, water use efficiency (WUE), net photosynthetic yield (PN) and quantum yield of PSII (Fv/Fm)), in proline and sugar content, and expression profile of genes reported to be associated with the barley response to water deficit, including LEA genes, NHX1, Hsdr4, BLT101 and genes(More)
Miscanthus sinensis is a promising species for biomass production. Influences of genetic and nongenetic factors on androgenesis induction efficiency were investigated. This is the first report on successful induction of pollen-derived callus in M. sinensis. The callus yield was strongly affected by genotype. A beneficial influence of cold pretreatment of(More)
BACKGROUND Current research data indicate that a hernia is a manifestation of a generalized polyethiological connective tissue pathology. The goal of this study was to demonstrate ultrastructural differences in tissues distant from the hernial defect. MATERIALS AND METHODS Biopsy specimens harvested upon thigh surgery from 12 males aged 25-65 y were(More)
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