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Verschiedene virusbedingte hämorrhagische Fieber (VHF), Pocken (humane Affenpocken) sowie Lungenpest erfordern besondere Maßnahmen zum Schutz des Krankenhauspersonals und anderer Personen vor Ansteckung. Kontaktpersonen müssen ermittelt und überwacht werden, um eine Ausbreitung zu verhindern. Ein im Mai 1999 veröffentlichtes Konzept zum Management und zur(More)
Thyroid disorders and diabetes mellitus t. II are the most common disorders observed among of endocrine extrahepatic manifestations of HCV infection. The mechanism of this disorders is still unclear. Two main hypothesis are considered: primary cytopathic effect of virus and secondary-induced autoimmunity. The ability of HCV to infect central nervous system(More)
Blood testing is an important element of AIDS prevention and control. Blood needs to be screened before it can be used for transfusions, to screen populations or population sectors, and to test individuals. Many rural hospitals, however, often lack basic laboratory equipment in the context of increasing demand for HIV testing from epidemiologists,(More)