Katarzyna Buszko

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AIMS The currently available data indicate a drug-drug interaction between morphine and oral P2Y12 receptor inhibitors, when administered together. The aim of this trial was to assess the influence of infused morphine on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of ticagrelor and its active metabolite (AR-C124910XX) in patients with acute myocardial infarction.(More)
The notion of finite-time Lyapunov exponent averaged over initial conditions is used for characterizing transient chaos observed in one-dimensional maps. A model of its dependence on time is verified by comparing theoretically predicted values with those obtained numerically. Finally, the same model is used for estimating duration of transient chaos(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of our experiment was to determine whether laser stimulation can improve microcirculation in the posterior regions of the brain in patients with vertebrobasilar insufficiency (VBI). MATERIAL/METHODS We studied 25 patients (20 female, 5 male, mean age 64) diagnosed with chronic VBI. All were evaluated using the De Klyn test, followed(More)
In this paper we present an example of application of Approximate Entropy and Sample Entropy in analysis of vasovagal syndrome. In our research we conducted an analysis based on three types of data: RRI (RR intervals), SBP (systolic blood pressure) and TPR (total peripheral resistance), which were measured simultaneously with the head up tilt table test(More)
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