Katarina Krajina

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BACKGROUND Inflammation is linked to cognitive decline in midlife, but the neural basis for this link is unclear. One possibility is that inflammation associates with adverse changes in brain morphology, which accelerates cognitive aging and later dementia risk. Clear evidence is lacking, however, regarding whether inflammation relates to cognition in(More)
Evidence suggests that inflammation, an innate immune response facilitating recovery from injury and pathogenic invasion, is positively associated with age-related cognitive decline and may play a role in risk for dementia. Physiological pathways linking the peripheral immune and central nervous systems are outlined, and studies linking inflammation with(More)
INTRODUCTION Appropriate vitamin D turnover is essential for many physiological function. Knowledge of it's function was improved in last two decades with enlargement of scientific confirmation and understanding of overall importance. In addition to classical (skeletal) roles of vitamin D, many other function (no classical), out of bone and(More)
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