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Osteoporosis and hypertension are two frequent diseases among the aging population that share a similar etiopathology and often coexist. Moreover, treatment of hypertension affects bone mineral density and, therefore, can worsen osteoporosis. This narrative review considers the influence of the main etiologic factors that contribute to the development of(More)
Given the significant impact on public health and drug development, drug safety has been a focal point and research emphasis across multiple disciplines in addition to scientific investigation, including consumer advocates, drug developers and regulators. Such a concern and effort has led numerous databases with drug safety information available in the(More)
BACKGROUND Two generic bioequivalent copies of the same drug sometimes do not achieve therapeutic equivalence. This may produce adverse events in clinical practice if the therapeutic index of that drug is narrow. OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy and safety of two generic copies of nimesulide Nimulid (N) and Tenaprost (T). METHODS 60 out-patients with(More)
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