Katarina Ilić

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INTRODUCTION This is a presentation of a 61-year-old female patient. Since 44 years have passed from the onset of her first symptoms until the final diagnosis of sarcoidosis, this was the reason of our decision to publish the case. CASE OUTLINE During the follow-up period of 44 years the patient had ocassional polymorphic complains, such as adynamia,(More)
Paraquat (PQ), a widely used herbicide is a well-known free radical producing agent. The mechanistic pathways of PQ neurotoxicity were examined by assessing oxidative/nitrosative stress markers. Focus was on the role of glutathione (GSH) cycle and to examine whether the pre-treatment with enzyme glutathione reductase (GR) could protect the vulnerable brain(More)
The effects of sex, ethnicity, and genetic polymorphism on hepatic CYP2B6 (cytochrome P450 2B6) expression and activity were previously demonstrated in vitro. Race/ethnic differences in CYP2B6 genotype and phenotype were observed only in women. To identify important covariates associated with interindividual variation in CYP2B6 activity in vivo, we(More)
OBJECTIVES The presence of cardiovascular risk factors in children may be important in the development of atherosclerosis in adulthood. Adequate control of blood pressure is a cornerstone in atherosclerosis prevention. The aim of the Yugoslav Study of the Precursors of Atherosclerosis in School Children (YUSAD) was to identify risk factors for elevated(More)
BACKGROUND Two generic bioequivalent copies of the same drug sometimes do not achieve therapeutic equivalence. This may produce adverse events in clinical practice if the therapeutic index of that drug is narrow. OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy and safety of two generic copies of nimesulide Nimulid (N) and Tenaprost (T). METHODS 60 out-patients with(More)
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