Katarina Furmanova

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Anthropometric facial landmarks and their detection has wide application in anthropology and forensic science. More specifically, these landmarks play an important role in facial comparison, in the analysis of morphological changes during human growth and in searching for the variability of human faces (e.g., sexual dimorphism). The automatic extraction of(More)
Protein structures and their interaction with ligands have been in the focus of biochemistry and structural biology research for decades. The transportation of ligand into the protein active site is often complex process, driven by geometric and physico-chemical properties, which renders the ligand path full of jitter and impasses. This prevents(More)
Generating human faces is an important task in many research and application fields, including the gaming industry. When the scene contains many characters, it becomes impracticable to create all individual characters manually. On the other hand, the requirement for the different appearance of faces of individuals in a crowd is now more in demand. In this(More)
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