Katalin Ugocsai

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The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of 3,5-diacetyl- (DP1-DP5) and 3,5-dibenzoyl-1,4-dihydropyridines (DP6-DP11) on vascular functions in vitro, by comparing their mechanical and electrophysiological actions in rat aorta rings and single rat tail artery myocytes, respectively, and to quantify their multidrug resistance (MDR)-reversing(More)
The effects of various flavonoids and carotenoids on Rhodamine 123 accumulation in multidrug-resistant Colo 320 human colon cancer cells expressing MDR1/LRP were studied. The Colo 205 cell line was used as a drug-sensitive control. Rotenon, Catechin, Neohesperidin, Naringin, Robinin, Phloridzin, Robinetin, Dihydrobinetin, Dihydrofisetin, Kampferol,(More)
Fractionation of barbados cherry (acerola fruit, a fruit of Malpighia emarginata DC.) extracts were performed by organic solvent extractions and column chromatographies, using two extraction methods. Higher cytotoxic activity was concentrated in fractions A4 and A6 (acetone extract), and H3 and HE3 (hexane extract). These four fractions showed higher(More)
Lung cancer is the leading cause of mortality worldwide. The median survival of advanced disease is in the range of 8 to 10 months. Intrinsic or acquired drug resistance pose major challenges to the success of chemotherapy. The HER2 gene, also known as c-erbB-2 or neu, is a proto-oncogene that encodes a membrane-bound receptor tyrosine kinase of the(More)
The rearranged jatrophane-type diterpenes ( 1 - 3), isolated from the Me (2)CO extracts of Euphorbia portlandica and Euphorbia segetalis, were examined for their effects on multidrug resistance (MDR) in mouse lymphoma cells. Compounds 2 and 3 revealed to be active with the latter being more active than the positive control verapamil, a known resistance(More)
The efficiency of chemotherapy is often decreased by the development of resistance of cancer cells to cytostatic drugs. This phenomenon is in most cases caused by the activity of the various ABC transporters, multidrug-resistance (MDR) gene-encoded p-glycoproteins, that pump anticancer drugs out of the cells. The inhibition of the activities of the MDR(More)
The macrocyclic jatrophane diterpene polyesters, pubescenes A - D ( 1 - 4) were isolated from the whole dried plant of Euphorbia pubescens, and evaluated for multidrug resistance (MDR) reversing activity on mouse lymphoma cells. All the compounds displayed very strong activity compared with the positive control verapamil. Pubescene D ( 4) is a new compound,(More)
The authors reviewed material of 10 year period (1980-1990) of the Department of Pulmonology, Albert Szent-Györgyi University of Medicine, Deszk, Hungary, and selected 14 patients from the files who considered to belong in one of the lymphoproliferative conditions (4 low grade and 4 high grade lymphomas of B-cell type, 1 angiocentric, 1 mediastinal(More)
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