Katalin Beck

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Objectives: To evaluate efficacy, dose response, safety, and tolerability of adalimumab (D2E7) in disease modifying antirheumatic drug (DMARD) refractory patients with longstanding, active rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Methods: During a 12 week, double blind, placebo controlled study, 284 patients were randomly allocated to receive weekly subcutaneous(More)
Four hundred sixty-four patients with cerebral palsy were reviewed. They were placed in four function groups: independent ambulators (n = 76), dependent ambulators (n = 43), independent sitters (n = 41), and dependent sitters (n = 304). The percentage of subluxated or dislocated hips increased from 7% for independent ambulators to 60% for dependent sitters.(More)
OBJECTIVE This randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, Phase 1 study assessed the magnitude, onset, and duration of response with intravenous (i.v.) and subcutaneous (s.c.) adalimumab (Humira, Abbott Laboratories) combined with methotrexate (MTX) in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis (RA) despite previous MTX therapy. METHODS Fifty-four(More)
OBJECTIVES There is increasing evidence that select forms of exercise are associated with vascular changes that are in opposition to the well-accepted beneficial effects of moderate intensity aerobic exercise. To determine if alterations in arterial stiffness occur following eccentrically accentuated aerobic exercise, and if changes are associated with(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether rapid or slowly infused intravenous fat emulsions affect the ratio of prostaglandin I2/thromboxane A2 in arterial blood, pulmonary hemodynamics, and gas exchange. DESIGN Prospective, controlled, randomized, crossover study. SETTING Operative intensive care unit of a university hospital. PATIENTS Eighteen critically ill(More)
Objective: To investigate whether plasma levels of prostacyclin (PGI2) and thromboxane A2 (TxA2) are a function of the infusion rate of soybean-based fat emulsions, severity of systemic inflammation, and pulmonary organ failure. Design: Prospective, randomized, crossover study. Setting: Intensive care unit of a university hospital. Patients: Eighteen(More)
The effects of total parenteral nutrition (TPN) versus enteral nutrition (TEN) were studied in 34 patients following major neurosurgery. Measurements were made of resting energy expenditure (REE), urea production rate (UPR), visceral proteins, parameters of liver and pancreas function, as well as gastrointestinal absorption. To predict nutritional status,(More)
The efficacy of iloprost, a stable prostacyclin analog, was investigated in a placebo-controlled trial in 109 diabetics with ischemic lesions. 56 patients were randomly allocated to iloprost and 53 patients to placebo. Iloprost was intravenously applied for 6 hours daily on 28 consecutive days at an individually tolerated dose up to 2 ng/kg/min. The control(More)