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INTRODUCTION The authors present recent results in the Hungarian hantavirus ecology and epidemiology. Most of the research was done between 1992-2000. AIM To determine the presence and geographic distribution of hantaviruses and to get more detailed information of human and small-mammal infection with these viruses in Hungary. METHODS For diagnostic(More)
We examined the diversity of HIV-1 subtypes in 11 adults from Hungary, using the heteroduplex mobility assay (HMA) and DNA sequencing. HMA results showed that HIV-1 gp120 sequences from 10 patients were of subtype B, whereas 1 patient, infected in Africa, carried a subtype C strain. DNA sequencing confirmed the HMA results and revealed a high intrasubtype(More)
The majority of the viral hepatitis cases is caused by five hepatitis viruses (A,B,C,D,E). In 1997, TT virus was discovered. It was supposed that a number of the unknown hepatitis cases was caused by the TT virus. The aim of this study was to characterize TT viruses carried by healthy individuals and patients suffering from hepatitis of unknown origin in(More)
Consciousness has resisted attempts to fathom its ultimate nature. My direct aim in this paper is to rebut anti-physicalist arguments; but I also want to raise the possibility that understanding consciousness might be beyond our reach – and not for a lack of trying or ingenuity. A number of anti-physicalist arguments have been proposed during the last two(More)
Frank Jackson's new book From Metaphysics to Ethics is impressive for the grand and coherent vision it offers of the connection between metaphysics and conceptual analysis. The structure of the proposal is both clear and simple. Here are the main outlines: a) One of the main tasks of metaphysics is to propose a kind of fact (or vocabulary) as fundamental(More)
The lentiviral protein Nef recruits cellular signalling proteins to lipid rafts at the cell membrane and acts thereby as a master regulator affecting the transcription of a series of cellular genes. By activating resting T cells, Nef creates an optimal environment for lentivirus replication. In human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infected macrophages and(More)