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Packaging requirements for fresh bakery goods are often minimal as many of the products are for immediate consumption. However, packaging can be an important factor in extending the shelf life of other cereal-based goods (toast, frozen products, biscuits, cakes, pastas). Some amount of the texture changes and flavor loss manifest over the shelf life of a(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the shelf-life of commercial sliced dry fermented sausage during storage at different temperatures. Different laminate composition was used for vacuum and nitrogen (100% N(2)) packaging. The microbiological, physico-chemical and sensory parameters were analysed during 120 days storage at 4, 22 and 37°C. Packaging(More)
The influence of water vapour conditions on mass transport and barrier properties of chitosan based films and coatings were studied in relation to surface and structural properties. Water contact angles, material swelling, polymer degradation temperature, barrier properties (PO2, PCO2, WVP) and aroma diffusion coefficients were determined. The solvent(More)
Different chitosan coating solutions were tested with the aim of investigating their adhesion and wettability onto polyethylene film to improve packaging performance and provide antimicrobial properties. Surface wetting kinetics was monitored by contact angle measurements. Addition of ethanol and carvacrol improved wettability and adhesion of the thin(More)
Shelf-life of frankfurters depends on various factors such as its composition, packaging material and method used as well as the effect of external conditions (temperature). The objective of this study was to determine the shelf-life of packaged (vacuum, shrink and modified atmosphere, MA) chicken frankfurters during storage at different temperatures. For(More)
The present survey is integrated in the European project entitled EU-FRESHBAKE. This three years project started in October 2006. It aims at developing innovative processes and innovative formulations for the Bake Off technology taking into consideration, energy demand of the process, nutrition parameters and overall quality of the bread. To help and to(More)
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