Kasun S. Perera

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A deregulated electricity market is one of the keystones of up-and-coming smart grid deployments. In such a market, forecasting electricity prices is essential to helping stakeholders with the decision making process. Electricity price forecasting is an inherently difficult problem due to its special characteristics of dynamicity and nonstationarity. In our(More)
Click fraud–the deliberate clicking on advertisements with no real interest on the product or service offered–is one of the most daunting problems in online advertising. Building an effective fraud detection method is thus pivotal for online advertising businesses. We organized a Fraud Detection in Mobile Advertising (FDMA) 2012 Competition, opening the(More)
The ongoing trend for data gathering not only produces larger volumes of data, but also increases the variety of recorded data types. Out of these, especially time series, e.g. various sensor readings, have attracted attention in the domains of business intelligence and decision making. As OLAP queries play a major role in these domains, it is desirable to(More)
By diverting funds away from legitimate partners (a.k.a publishers), click fraud represents a serious drain on advertising budgets and can seriously harm the viability of the internet advertising market. As such, fraud detection algorithms which can identify fraudulent behavior based on user click patterns are extremely valuable. Based on the BuzzCity(More)
The extraction of energy from renewable sources is rapidly growing. The current pace of technological development makes it commercially viable to harness energy from sun, wind, geothermal and many other renewable sources. Because of the negative effects on the environment and the economy, conventional energy sources like natural gas, crude oil and coal are(More)
Many Wireless Sensor Network systems are deployed under extreme conditions. Thus, it's important to maximize their lifespan by optimal use of network's resources. Battery lifespan of a node is a crucial resource that needs to be used carefully. Energy aware routing & scheduled sensing have been introduced for careful use of battery. It is necessary to(More)
Energy consumption is a key point of wireless sensor network. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) introduces very special requirements in order to be efficient that is the energy consumption and the extension of the network’s lifetime. In this paper, we highlight the recent research efforts like energy efficient routing protocols, dynamic power management,(More)
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