Kasturi Guha

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In trypanosomatid parasites, an octanucleotide sequence (C/A)AUAGAA(G/A) in the UTRs primarily determines the stability of S-phase specific mRNAs. A multi-domain protein LdCSBP from Leishmania donovani interacts with the UTR of an S-phase RNA containing the octanucleotide sequence through its unique CCCH-type Zn-finger motifs. Interestingly, the RNA binding(More)
In addition to well-known process of proteasome-mediated degradation of polyubiquitinated proteins, monoubiquitination of proteins is also an important post-translational modification that regulates various non-degradative cellular processes like protein trafficking, cellular signalling, DNA replication and DNA repair. We have previously characterized a(More)
In nearly complete absence of transcriptional regulation, messenger RNA (mRNA) turnover mediated through specific cis-elements plays a predominant role in the control of differential gene expression for the disease causing trypanosomatid parasites. In these organisms, the periodic accumulation of S-phase messages during cell cycle is determined by the(More)
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