Kasper Mackeprang

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The weakly interacting complexes of dimethylamine with dimethyl ether (DMA-DME) and with dimethylsulfide (DMA-DMS) have been detected in the gas phase using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy at room temperature. The observed redshift of the fundamental NH-stretching frequency was found to be extremely small with only 5 and 19 cm(-1) for DMA-DME and(More)
We have measured gas phase vibrational spectra of the bimolecular complex formed between methanol (MeOH) and dimethylamine (DMA) up to about 9800 cm(-1). In addition to the strong fundamental OH-stretching transition we have also detected the weak second overtone NH-stretching transition. The spectra of the complex are obtained by spectral subtraction of(More)
Autoxidation by sequential peroxy radical hydrogen shifts (H-shifts) and O2 additions has recently emerged as a promising mechanism for the rapid formation of highly oxidized, low-volatility organic compounds in the atmosphere. A key prerequisite for autoxidation is that the H-shifts of the initial peroxy radicals formed by, e.g., OH or O3 oxidation are(More)
We have measured the infrared spectra of ethanol·dimethylamine and methanol·dimethylamine complexes in the 299-374 K temperature range, and have determined the enthalpy of complex formation (ΔH) to be -31.1 ± 2 and -29.5 ± 2 kJ mol(-1), respectively. The corresponding values of the Gibbs free energy (ΔG) are determined from the experimental integrated(More)
We have developed a model to calculate accurately the intensity of the hydrogen bonded XH-stretching vibrational transition in hydrogen bonded complexes. In the Local Mode Perturbation Theory (LMPT) model, the unperturbed system is described by a local mode (LM) model, which is perturbed by the intermolecular modes of the hydrogen bonded system that couple(More)
This work considers the nature of the intermolecular hydrogen bond in a series of 15 different complexes with OH donor groups and N, O, P, or S acceptor atoms. To complement the existing literature, room-temperature gas-phase vibrational spectra of the methanol-pyridine, ethanol-pyridine, and 2,2,2-trifluoroethanol-pyridine complexes were recorded. These(More)
We describe the vibrational transitions of the donor unit in water dimer with an approach that is based on a three-dimensional local mode model. We perform a perturbative treatment of the intermolecular vibrational modes to improve the transition wavenumber of the hydrogen bonded OH-stretching transition. The model accurately predicts the transition(More)
The effect of adding electron donating and withdrawing groups on the dihydroazulene (DHA)/vinylheptafulvene (VHF) photochromic system has been investigated using Raman spectroscopy in CS2 solutions. The photoswitching between DHA and VHF is often characterised with UV-Vis spectroscopy. However, Raman spectroscopy can also be used for this purpose and give(More)
We present the isolated gas phase infrared spectra of formic acid dimer, (HCOOH)2, and its deuterated counterpart formic-d acid, (DCOOH)2, at room temperature. The formic acid dimer spectrum was obtained by spectral subtraction of a spectrum of formic acid vapor recorded at low pressure from that recorded at a higher pressure. The spectra of formic acid(More)
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