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After the Arab Spring: The Islamists’ Compromise in Tunisia
Abstract:By voting for Tunisia’s new constitution in January 2014, the Islamist party Ennahda accepted many principles that were in contradiction with Islamist ideology. Most importantly, the partyExpand
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Essays on the revolution in Tunisia
The Tunisian Revolution and constitutional process constitute the first successful indigenous democratization process in the Arab World. In this article based thesis the historic event is analysedExpand
The Tunisian Revolution & Governance of Religion
Abstract This article examines how the Tunisian revolution and subsequent political transition has influenced the relationship between state power and Islam. It aims to provide an in-depth andExpand
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The Tunisian General Labor Union and the advent of democracy
The Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) played a major role in the 2010/11 Tunisian revolution and in the subsequent democratization process. This article seeks to explain why the union was capableExpand
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The IslamIsTs' CompromIse I n Tun I s I a