Kasper Holm Christiansen

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Three patients with acute monocular central scotoma and headache had the initial diagnosis of optic neuritis. Computed tomography showed large pituitary adenomas with necrosis and cyst formation consistent with the clinical symptoms of a previous pituitary apoplexy. After transsphenoidal adenomectomy the visual disturbances disappeared.
the use of a non-company feed source (OR 0.11, P=0.003), running the site as all-in/all-out (OR 0.06, P<0.001) and the presence of cats and dogs on the farm (OR 0.14, P=0.002) were associated with a reduced risk. SINCE the peak of the Salmonella epidemic in the late 1990s, cases of human salmonellosis in England and Wales have decreased by 64 per cent, to(More)
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