Kasjen Kramer

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BACKGROUND The sudden development of acute (flash) pulmonary edema may be an indication for coronary angiography and revascularization. However, the prevalence of coronary artery disease in these patients and the outcome after revascularization are not known. METHODS AND RESULTS We evaluated 46 patients with an initial presentation of flash pulmonary(More)
Intralymphatic end pressure and Starling pressures (interstitial fluid pressure (Pif), plasma and interstitial fluid colloid osmotic pressures (COPpl and COPif)) were measured in leg subcutaneous tissue in 5 patients with local leg edema following femoropopliteal reconstruction for lower limb atherosclerosis. Superficial lymphatics were cannulated proximal(More)
Querying Linked Data means to pose queries on various data sources without information about the data and the schema of the data. This demo shows SPACE, a tool to support autocompletion for SPARQL queries. It takes as input SPARQL query logs and builds an index structure for efficient and fast computation of query suggestions. To demonstrate SPACE, we use(More)