Karyn E Holt

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Adolescent suicide is a preventable tragedy yet is still the third leading cause of death in young people of age 10-24. Contrary to the idea that childhood bullying is a normal part of growing up or a rite of passage, it is now correlated with adolescent suicidality. An integrative review of the contemporary, extant literature was conducted to examine the(More)
Perioperative bleeding is a prevalent risk of elective joint replacement surgery that can lead to allogeneic blood transfusions, delayed discharge, and slowed physical therapy progress. Antifibrinolytics such as tranexamic acid (TXA) have been used in various surgical procedures to reduce bleeding; however, the use of TXA in orthopaedic surgery is not(More)
BACKGROUND Current clinical guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC; 2011) state that peripheral intravenous catheters are to be replaced every 72-96 hr to prevent infection and phlebitis in the adult patient. It is unclear whether this practice reduces the incidence of phlebitis or other infections. AIM The aim of this study(More)
Compared to conventional hemodialysis dialysis, nocturnal hemodialysis represents a more effective modality for receiving hemodialysis and has been associated with a 25% reduction in risk of death and improved quality of life. This article identifies the evidence about the mortality and morbidity risk for patients undergoing conventional hemodialysis vs.(More)
Current evidence demonstrates that probiotics reduce diarrheal duration from a number of etiologies. Professional nursing practice based on evidence and clinical expertise supports a diet-containing probiotics to manage acute diarrhea. Dietary limitations included in the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) diet recommended by many nurses need to be(More)
Pregnancy and motherhood traditionally represent evolution of the next generation; yet, contemporary research and analyses confirm that this time can also be manifested in fear by the expectant mother within an environment of battering, cruelty, physical and emotional abuse, and sexual assault. Often to the surprise of many healthcare providers, the Centers(More)
Teen suicide is a terrible tragedy and is the third leading cause of death among high school children aged 14 to 19. School based intervention programs have been regarded as an effective and essential means of addressing this problem. A comprehensive review of the extant literature provides examination of the risk and protective factors of suicide in this(More)
Contrast medium is used daily for diagnostic and interventional procdures as a means to visualize blood vessels. The administration of contrast dye, however, can lead to an acute reduction in kidney function. This complication can impact length of hospital stay, risk of dialysis, and increased hospital mortality. Common preventative measures include(More)
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