Karyl B. Leggio

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Banking is a competitive market since the industry deregulated. Consumers’ demand for convenience services led to an increase in the number of branches to serve a geographically dispersed customer base. Increasing the number of branches indiscriminately is not advisable since more branches increase the cost structure for the bank. Banking executives can(More)
Since the establishment of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SHSE) in 1990 and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) in 1991, China’s stock markets have expanded rapidly. Although this rapid growth has attracted considerable academic interest, few studies have examined the ability of conventional financial models to predict the share price movements of Chinese(More)
INTRODUCTION The Law 123/2005 recognizes celiac disease as a social disease and so Ministry of Public Health annually allocates specific resources to Regions for managing gluten-free meals in school canteens. Therefore in 2009 Piedmont Region approved a specific project, in collaboration with Food Hygiene and Nutrition Department (SIAN) of several ASL(More)
This paper provides overviews of two major concepts and methodologies --Scenario Planning (SP) from Strategic Management and Real Options Analysis (ROA) from Finance. The paper draws on the KUU (Known, Unknown, and Unknowable) framework to demonstrate the commonalities and differences among these two approaches and calls for their synergistic use.
In the Italian language, the term cachexia is a rather picturesque synonym of "marasma senile", "senile marasmus", an old definition involving not only old-age, but specifically senility, the end of the ageing process and marasmus, a stagnant and hopeless situation in which all superior organised functions have disappeared. The problem of cachexia during(More)
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