Karuppuswamy THENMOZHI

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Telemedicine is the process of using latest telecommunication and computer technology to enhance the performance of medicine, particularly in the area of delivery of medical care. Wireless telemedicine is a new and evolving area in telemedical and telecare systems. It involves the use of mobile communication and multimedia technologies and their integration(More)
The methanolic extract of Clerodendrum phlomidis Linn. (MECP) leaves was evaluated for its psychopharmacological activities in several experimental models using Swiss albino mice and Wistar albino rats. The MECP was found to cause significant reduction in spontaneous activity, and decreases in exploratory behavioral profiles by the Y-maze and head dip test.(More)
This paper scrutinizes the authentication and key agreement protocol adopted by the Universal Mobile Telecommunication System to meet the standards of a fourth-generation network. Lately, communication of multimedia (CoM) has drawn the attention of researchers for the future of secure wireless mobile communication. However, the CoM has not had any defensive(More)
Multiple access schemes are used to allow many mobile users to share simultaneously a finite amount of radio spectrum. For high quality communications, this must be done without severe degradation in the performance of the system. Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is one of the major multiple access techniques used now days to share the available(More)
The benefits of bilateral cochlear implant in adults are well established. Auditory ability in children is also substantially improved by binaural hearing. We report the first case of bilateral simultaneous paediatric cochlear implant in India and discuss the merits of bilateral implant.
In order to assess psychosocial and auditory handicap in Indian patients with unilateral sensorineural hearing loss (USNHL), a prospective study was conducted on 50 adults with USNHL in the ENT Outpatient clinic of a tertiary care centre. The hearing handicap inventory for adults (HHIA) as well as speech in noise and sound localization tests were(More)
India's charismatic wildlife species are facing immense pressure from anthropogenic-induced environmental perturbations. Zoos play a major role in the conservation of threatened species, but their adaptation in captivity is posing a major challenge globally. Stress from inadequate adaptation could lead to suppression of cognitive functioning and increased(More)
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