Karuppusamy Duraiswamy

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Glaucoma is a disease characterized by elevated intraocular pressure (IOP). This increased IOP leads to damage of optic nerve axons at the back of the eye, with eventual deterioration of vision. CDR is a key indicator for the detection of glaucoma. The existing approaches determined the CDR using manual threshold analysis which is fairly time consuming.(More)
A near-regular texture deviates geometrically and photometrically from a regular congruent tiling. Although near-regular textures are ubiquitous in the man-made and natural world, they present computational challenges for state of the art texture analysis and synthesis algorithms. Using regular tiling, and with user-assisted lattice extraction, we can(More)
In network communication, security is essential to prevent intruder's attack; Where Authentication plays a vital role so as to ensure the right participant in communication. To authenticate a group of users and to hold confidentiality between them a new approach of key management is handled in this paper. This key management presentation is a group key used(More)
A web service is defined as a software system which is designed to interact with the applications over the network in an independent manner. Nowadays, everything has been taken place through online. Some applications which uses web services like e-shopping, e-learning, e-commerce and so on. To improve the efficiency of e-learning many online tutorial(More)
Visual methods have been extensively studied and performed in cluster data analysis. Given a pairwise dissimilarity matrix D of a set of n objects, visual methods such as Enhanced-Visual Assessment Tendency (E-VAT) algorithm generally represent D as an n × n image I(D) where the objects are reordered to expose the hidden cluster structure as dark blocks(More)
Noises present in communication channels are disturbing and the recovery of the original signals from the path without any noise is very difficult task. This is achieved by denoising techniques that remove noises from a digital signal. Many denoising technique have been proposed for the removal of noises from the digital audio signals. But the effectiveness(More)
The proposal of our work present instantiation based Way Point Routing (WPR), in which a number of intermediate nodes on a route are selected as waypoints and the route is divided into segments by the waypoints. Waypoints, including the source and the destination, run a high-level inter segment routing protocol, while the nodes on each segment run a(More)
Charge recovering circuit has the potential to reduce dynamic power consumption in digital systems with significant switching activity. A charge recovery logic family named Enhanced Boost Logic has been presented. EBL is an enhanced version of Boost Logic that achieves shorter pipeline latencies while retaining its energy advantages over static CMOS. The(More)