Karuppasamy Thenmozhi

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This proposed study exploits transmit and receive diversity to mitigate multipath propagation and interference in CDMA system which is characterized by multipath interference. Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is the vital technology for modern wireless communication systems to share the available finite amount of radio bandwidth expeditiously. The CDMA(More)
India's charismatic wildlife species are facing immense pressure from anthropogenic-induced environmental perturbations. Zoos play a major role in the conservation of threatened species, but their adaptation in captivity is posing a major challenge globally. Stress from inadequate adaptation could lead to suppression of cognitive functioning and increased(More)
AIMS To find out the prevalence and types of neurological abnormalities associated in auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder in a large tertiary referral center. SETTINGS AND DESIGN A prospective clinical study was conducted on all patients diagnosed with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder in the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) and neurology departments(More)
The benefits of bilateral cochlear implant in adults are well established. Auditory ability in children is also substantially improved by binaural hearing. We report the first case of bilateral simultaneous paediatric cochlear implant in India and discuss the merits of bilateral implant.
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