Karuppanan Balasubramanian

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Histogram Equalization (HE) has proved to be a simple image contrast enhancement technique. However, it tends to change the mean brightness of the image to the middle level of the gray level range. In this paper, a smart contrast enhancement technique based on conventional HE algorithm is proposed. This Constrained PDF based Histogram Equalization (CPHE)(More)
Most coastal areas are experiencing relatively large quantum of solar and wind energy. If the wind is heavy it might produce larger sea waves of high energy contents. The electricity needs of a township or a village situated in a coastal area can be partially fulfilled by installing a modular mini electricity generating unit and an intensified solar heat(More)
Utilization of renewable energy resources is gaining momentum in several countries. Establishment of distributed renewable energy plants would cover the regional needs of the country besides sharing the power distribution with other parts of the country. For implementing this establishment, the country is proposed to be divided into several power regions(More)
The development of hardware and software for remote control of sparsely located industrial units in various locations controlled through internet is reported. Three model plants are taken into consideration to illustrate the remote control activity. A simple chemical chamber with four processes namely temperature, liquid level, pneumatic pressure and liquid(More)
Amongst various techniques proposed for realizing stereo television, stereoscopic techniques using color and polarization differences in communicating the stereo pair of 2D images call for special viewing aids to the viewer for 3D visualization and therefore these techniques do not yield permanent solution for TV. Volume scanning and volumetric display(More)
This project proposes a scheme with designed apparatus to meet the major electrical energy needs of an island such as North Cyprus by using renewable energy resources. Firstly, on residential sector, a cost effective modular dual energy unit extracting solar and wind energy is to be installed in every residential house of the island. Secondly, for(More)
Two symmetrically corrugated diaphragms are bonded to form a capsule of special structure and this is used for sensing displacement caused by applied pressure. The displacement is converted into equivalent capacitance by optimally fixed stack of plates and an electrical signal is picked up from it proportional to capacitance. This signal picked up is then(More)
A multi-lingual TV system needs to broadcast the video with audio appearing in more than one language. In the receiver it gives option to the viewer to choose the desired language for his audio. This paper reports the realization of a TV channel incorporating six audio tracks needed for transmitting three stereo sounds. Four tracks of the audio are adaptive(More)
It is well known that the lenticular lens screen based stereoscopic display known as autostereoscopy does not call for any special viewing aids for viewing the display screen. This paper reviews the difficulties encountered in autostereoscopy for its adoption to TV and proposes remedies for feasible implementation of autostereoscopic television. Two(More)
An embedded test system to assess the dynamic performance of a process plant is proposed. A simple Process rate controller plant and a simple chemical plant are taken as models and the test systems are synthesized. In each system a virtual plant performing all tasks of real time plant is emulated and an analysis package to assess the performance is(More)