Karukkupalayam Palaniappan Karrthick

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Homogeneity Index (HI) is an objective tool to analyz the uniformity of dose distribution in the target volume. Various formulae have been described in literature for its calculation but there is paucity of data regarding the ideal formula and the factors affecting this index. This study was undertaken to analyze HI in our patients using various formulae(More)
PURPOSE To assess the setup errors and intrafraction motion in patients treated with frame-based and frameless stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS). MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten patients treated with frame-based and six patients treated with frameless radiosurgery were prospectively enrolled in the study. Leksell frame was used for frame-based and a customized(More)
PURPOSE Aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of planning parameters such as pitch & field width on tomotherapy treatment plan quality and treatment time. METHODS We chose three treatment plans from different sites for this study. Combination of three different field widths (1 cm, 2.5 cm & 5 cm) and three different pitch values (0.215, 0.287 &(More)
PURPOSE Performing DQA for Bilateral (B-L) breast tomotherapy is a challenging task due to the limitation of any commercially available detector array or film. Aim of this study is to perform DQA for B-L breast tomotherapy plan using MLC fluence sinogram. METHODS Treatment plan was generated on Tomotherapy system for B-L breast tumour. B-L breast targets(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate quantitatively the patient-specific 3D dosimetry tool COMPASS with 2D array MatriXX detector for stereotactic volumetric-modulated arc delivery. Twenty-five patients CT images and RT structures from different sites (brain, head & neck, thorax, abdomen, and spine) were taken from CyberKnife Multiplan planning system(More)
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