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OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS A high proportion of the geriatric population suffers from presbylaryngis and presbyphonia; however, our knowledge of vibratory patterns in this population is almost nonexistent. In this study, we investigate the vocal fold vibratory patterns of healthy elderly females to determine which features or combination of them could best(More)
Girinimbine, a carbazole alkaloid isolated from the stem bark of Murraya koenigii was tested for the in vitro anti-tumour promoting and antioxidant activities. Anti-tumour promoting activity was determined by assaying the capability of this compound to inhibit the expression of early antigen of Epstein-Barr virus (EA-EBV) in Raji cells that was induced by(More)
The purpose of the study was to investigate relationships between vocal fold vibrations and voice quality. Laryngeal images obtained from high-speed digital imaging (HSDI) were examined for their open-closed timing characteristics and perturbation values. A customized software delineated the glottal edges and used the Hilbert transform-based method of(More)
This paper presents a Hilbert transform-based approach to analyze vocal fold vibrations in human subjects exhibiting normal and abnormal voice productions. This new approach is applied to the analysis of glottal area waveform (GAW) and is capable of providing useful information on the vocal fold vibration. The GAW is extracted from high-speed laryngeal(More)
The simulation of language disorders using interactive activation (IA) networks and connectionist systems is discussed. An existing IA account of aphasic naming is described, in which two network parameters (decay rate and connection strength) are varied to fit the error production of an aphasic patient. Fairly similar results can be obtained through(More)
A phytochemical study on the bark of Neisosperma oppositifolia (Apocynaceae) yielded two new beta-carboline indole alkaloids, oppositinines A (1) and B (2), together with five known alkaloids, isoreserpiline, isocarapanaubine, vobasine, 10-methoxydihydrocorynantheol-N-oxide, and ochropposinine oxindole. Structural elucidation of 1 and 2 was performed using(More)
The current paper is a response to the Wiley, McAllister, Davidson, and Marshall lead article regarding the application of the World Report on Disability (WRD) to people with communication disorders. The current paper directly addresses recommendation 5 (improvement of human resource capacity) and indirectly addresses recommendations 7, 8, and 9 (related to(More)
In the title compound, C(17)H(17)NO(2), the phenyl-ene rings are nearly coplanar [dihedral angle 7.3 (1)°]. The acetamido group is twisted out of the plane of the aromatic ring in order to form an N-H⋯O hydrogen bond to the acetamido group of an adjacent mol-ecule, generating a helical chain running along the b axis.
Serious games are an emerging technology that is growing in importance, providing benefits beyond pure entertainment in order to improve the users' realistic experience. Nowadays, there is increasing concern for people with cognitive troubles. Their cognitive capabilities could be improved so they can lead a better life. Serious games have great potential(More)
Study on chemical constituents from Kopsia singapurensis (Apocynaceae) yielded four new aspidofractinines: Singaporentine A (1), N(1)-formylkopsininic acid (2), N(1)-formylkopsininic acid-N(4)-oxide (3), 15-hydroxykopsamine (4); a new aspidospermatan: 14α-hydroxy-N(4)-methylcondylocarpine (5) and a new akuamiline: singaporentinidine (6) together with 18(More)