Kartik Logishetty

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BACKGROUND Many impinging hips are said to have a mix of features of femoral cam and an overcovered acetabulum causing pincer impingement. Correction of such a mixed picture by reduction of the cam lesion and the acetabular rim is the suggested treatment. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES We therefore asked two questions: (1) Is the acetabulum in cam impingement easily(More)
INTRODUCTION Increased noise levels in hospitals, critical care units, and peri-operative areas have been associated with higher levels of sleep deprivation and patient stress. The World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines stipulate a limit of 35 decibels (dB(A)) equivalent continuous sound level (LEq) during the day and 30 dB(A) LEq at night in patients'(More)
A 63-year-old Caucasian woman was admitted to hospital as hypotensive with abdominal tenderness and vaginal discharge. Laboratory investigations showed microcytic anaemia, low albumin and high white cell count. Computerised tomography scans revealed small bowel dilatation, sigmoid diverticula, ascites and pelvic fluid. The endometrial pipelle was positive(More)
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