Kartik Chandra

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The error and delay performance of variable bit rate (VBR) video transmission over non-ideal channels is examined using equalization schemes. The temporal correlation features of the fading signal and the source video are modeled using finite state Markov chains. The source and training signals are multiplexed using a time slotted multiple access scheme.(More)
—The design of linear microphone arrays with randomly spaced elements is investigated. The probability distribution function for the element positions is derived in the continuum limit by matching the response of the array to an objective beam function. An analysis of the expected value and variance of the beam is presented as a function of the angular(More)
The spectral radiance measured by an airborne sensor is dependent on the spectral reflectance of the ground material, the orientation of the material surface, and the atmospheric and illumination conditions. We present a nonlinear algorithm for estimating surface spectral reflectance of a surface on the ground from the spectral radiance measured by an(More)
We present a technique for simulating variations in appearance of aerial images at different sun angles. The input to the algorithm is a single aerial image with information on the orientation of surfaces in the image. The location, date, and time at which the photograph was taken are also needed by the algorithm. The appearance of the aerial image at a new(More)
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