Karthikeyan Rajagopal

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Cryopreservation preserves cells at low temperature and creates a reserve for future use while executing the clinical translation. Unlike articular chondrocyte, cryopreservation protocol and its outcome are not described in iliac apophyseal chondrocytes, a potential source of chondrocytes in cartilage engineering. This study for the first time describes the(More)
BACKGROUND Autologous articular cartilage at present forms the main source of chondrocytes for cartilage tissue engineering. In children, iliac apophysis is a rich and readily accessible source of chondrocytes. This study compares the growth characteristics and phenotype maintenance of goat iliac apophysis growth plate chondrocytes with those sourced from(More)
Two encapsulation techniques for rabbit chondrocytes in chitosan/hyaluronic acid gel have been compared. The standard technique involves the cross-linking of chitosan and hyaluronic acid at 2:1 (w/w). In the modified technique, cells were initially added to 33 % of hyaluronic acid dialdehyde and the gelation process was completed with the remaining 67 %.(More)
This paper discusses the design of active controllers for achieving global chaos anti-synchronization of identical Li systems (2009), Tigan systems (2008) and non-identical Li and Tigan systems. Lyapunov stability theory has been deployed for establishing the anti-synchronization results derived in this paper for Li and Tigan chaotic systems. Since the(More)
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