Karthikeyan Baskaran

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A mirror symmetry in the aberrations between the left and right eyes has previously been found foveally, but while a similar symmetry for the peripheral visual field is likely, it has not been investigated. Nevertheless, the peripheral optical quality is often evaluated in only one eye, because it is more time efficient than analyzing the whole visual field(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the effect of eccentric refractive correction and full aberration correction on both high- and low-contrast grating resolution at the preferred retinal locus (PRL) of a single low-vision subject with a long-standing central scotoma. METHODS The subject was a 68-year-old women with bilateral absolute central scotoma due to Stargardt(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES The complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) have not been systematically evaluated for the management of HIV/AIDS patients. In a prospective, single-site, open-label, non-randomized, controlled, pilot trial, we evaluated a polyherbal formulation (PHF) for its safety and efficacy in treating subjects with HIV-AIDS. METHODS A(More)
PURPOSE To investigate whether cysts in diabetic macular edema are better visualized in the red channel of color fundus camera images, as compared with the green channel, because color fundus camera screening methods that emphasize short-wavelength light may miss cysts in patients with dark fundi or changes to outer blood retinal barrier. METHODS Fundus(More)
Aim: The primary aim of this study was to find if there is any correlation between the corneal radius of curvature and its eccentricity. Method: 45 subjects participated in this study, 24 emmetropes, 18 myopes and three hyperopes. All subjects were free of ocular abnormalities and had no media opacities. All the subjects had normal ocular health and good(More)
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