Karthik Thirugnanam

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In this paper, we show how tone mapping techniques can be used to dynamically increase the image brightness, thus allowing the LCD backlight levels to be reduced. This saves significant power as the majority of the LCD's display power is consumed by its backlight. The Gamma function (or equivalent) can be efficiently implemented in smartphones with minimal(More)
With the improved processing power, graphic quality and high-speed wireless connection in recent generations of mobile phone, it looks more attractive than ever to introduce networked games on these devices. While device features and application resource requirements are rapidly growing, the battery technologies are not growing at the same pace. Networked(More)
As the current generation of mobile smartphones become more powerful, they are being used to perform more resource intensive tasks making battery lifetime a major bottleneck. In this paper, we present a technique called dynamic AoV lookahead for reducing wireless interface power consumption upto 50% while playing a popular, yet resource intensive, mobile(More)
The current generation of mobile smartphones are not just devices for voice communication. Instead, they are frequently used as mobile PC replacements that are used to edit documents, browse the web, check email, and play games. However, this functionality comes at the cost of battery lifetimes. Indeed, to maintain the slim form factor required for these(More)
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