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Invariant recognition of objects depends on a hierarchy of cortical stages that build invariance gradually. Binocular disparity computations are a key part of this transformation. Cortical area V1 computes absolute disparity, which is the horizontal difference in retinal location of an image in the left and right foveas. Many cells in cortical area V2(More)
How does the brain maintain stable fusion of 3D scenes when the eyes move? Every eye movement causes each retinal position to process a different set of scenic features, and thus the brain needs to binocularly fuse new combinations of features at each position after an eye movement. Despite these breaks in retinotopic fusion due to each movement, previously(More)
With the proliferation of multiple wireless technologies and smartphones with enhanced radio capabilities, it has become imperative to deliver services that can work seamlessly across heterogeneous networks. As smartphones advance in their capabilities, there is an increasing adoption of services with realtime delivery constraints (e.g. video telephony,(More)
Social and emotional ties are an important anchor in life and hence a lack of these is a major hurdle in achieving one's dreams and goals. Autism is a Social development disorder that is marked by a distinct lack of social and language skills. It is a disorder rather than an organic disease and hence is difficult to diagnose without a high index of(More)
With rapid development of sensor technologies and the internet of things, research in the area of connected health is increasing in importance and complexity with wide-reaching impacts for public health. As data sources such as mobile (wearable) sensors get cheaper, smaller, and smarter, important research questions can be answered by combining information(More)
With increasing integration of capabilities into mobile application processors, a host of imaging operations that were earlier performed in software are now implemented in hardware [1]. Though imaging applications are inherently error resilient, the complexity of such designs has increased over time and thus identifying logic that can be leveraged for(More)
Recent development of wearable sensor technologies have made it possible to capture concurrent data streams for ambient environment and instantaneous physiological stress response at a fine granularity. Characterizing the delay in physiological stress response time to each environment stimulus is as important as capturing the magnitude of the effect. In(More)
1. Abstract vision n. 1. the ability to see; inspired and idealistic ideas about the future. 2. a dream, an extraordinarily beautiful person-The Oxford English Dictionary Technological enhancements of our era have improved the quality of human life to an unprecedented extent. In this fast growing and ever shrinking global information scenario, we as(More)
Inadequate ground observations inhibit an adequate description of actual environmental conditions that can lead to landslides, typically precipitation and soil moisture. The spatial and temporal resolution obtained with utilizing satellite data is insuf cient for real-time early warning systems. Major challenges with in situ instruments lie in the(More)