Karthik Srinivasa Gopalan

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Smart devices and pervasive connectivity have lead to an increase in demand for providing intelligent personalized services that improve user experience. Providing personalized media recommendation services that recommend content relevant to the user is gaining prevalence. In this paper we investigate the use of context capture on the user's devices as a(More)
Sharing of content on the internet has become more and more prevalent over the years. As the number of internet users grows exponentially, issues of scale related to content distribution and discovery have become more important. Peer to Peer networks have been proposed as an alternate way to traditional client server models to distribute and search content.(More)
With network pipes growing fatter, peer to peer systems are fast emerging as a viable alternative to the client-server model. One of the major problems in P2P networks is the efficient and fast content distribution and search. In this paper we investigate the problem of replicating content information among the peer nodes in a scalable manner using(More)
Ubiquitous sharing of content between users has become more prevalent over the years. The advent of smart devices like smart phones and tablets with high end processors has enabled their use in numerous processor intensive use cases that was not possible earlier. High definition streaming to multiple devices and multimedia based applications that require(More)
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