Karthik Sridhar

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Keywords: Store format choice Consumer sensitivity Multivariate probit Retailing Multi-category model a b s t r a c t Retailing industry has undergone tremendous change in its complexity and sophistication over the past few years. Globally we are witnessing the evolution of retailing industry from traditionally micro-managed small retail formats like mom(More)
Ellipti curve Cryptosystem used in cryptograhy chips undergoes side channel threats, where the attackers deciphered the secret key from the scan path through finding the memory element position by applying reverse enginering process in montgomery algorithm used in Elliptic device. Hence we propose the modified scan path architecture through the addition of(More)
As per Moore's Law the growth of transistors in VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) chip is doubled for every 18 months. Due to this rapid improvement, testing the VLSI integrated circuit for fault free conditions requires large duration of times. Hence this research paper going to propose the data compression technique using Hamming Encoder and Decoder to(More)
In this paper, we discuss a methodology to design and synthesize analog CMOS components such as RF amplifiers. The inputs of the synthesis tool are the circuit specifications described at high-level of abstraction, fabrication dependent technology parameters and un-sized circuit topologies. The output is a sized net list, which meets the user(More)
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