Karthik Gargi

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This paper presents a new algorithm for performing global value numbering on a routine in static single assignment form. Our algorithm has all the strengths of the most powerful existing practical methods of global value numbering; it unifies optimistic value numbering with constant folding, algebraic simplification and unreachable code elimination. It goes(More)
OBJECTIVE Explore feasibility and acceptability of gentamicin in the Uniject prefilled injection system, in combination with oral cotrimoxazole-p and an appropriate newborn weighing scale, for treatment of possible neonatal sepsis when administered in the community by female community health volunteers. STUDY DESIGN In a community-based program in Nepal,(More)
BACKGROUND There has been little success in attempts to reduce the proportion of births with low birth weight (LBW). However, deaths associated with LBW may be prevented with extra attention to warmth, feeding, and prevention or early treatment of infections. There are few studies on this in Nepal and in many other developing countries. This is a cohort(More)
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