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The lasting effects of neuronal activity on brain development involve calcium-dependent gene expression. Using a strategy called transactivator trap, we cloned a calcium-responsive transactivator called CREST (for calcium-responsive transactivator). CREST is a SYT-related nuclear protein that interacts with adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate (cAMP) response(More)
The impact of contacts on device and circuit performance is becoming larger with technology scaling because of higher resistance as well as increased variability. Thus, techniques are needed for measurement, analysis, and modeling of variation in contactss, and for devices, interconnects, and circuits in general, in order to ensure robust circuit design. A(More)
We show that, on average, the level of product market competition acts as a disciplining force constraining managers from misreporting accounting information. Further, in a quasi-natural experiment that uses shifts in import tariffs to identify exogenous intensification of competition, difference-indifference estimations support the causal nature of the(More)
In recent years, evolutionary algorithms (EAs) have been successfully used in the design of artiicial neural networks for a variety of applications. The suitability of EAs for this design task stems from their ability to adaptively search large spaces in near-optimal ways. One direct application of this advance has been in the area of evolutionary robotics,(More)
This paper examines and compares several diierent approaches to the design of intelligent systems for diagnosis applications. These include expert systems or knowledge-based systems, truth or reason maintenance systems, case-based reasoning systems, and inductive approaches like decision trees, artiicial neural networks or connection-ist systems, and(More)
The recent popularity of 3D IC technology stems from its enhanced performance capabilities and reduced wirelength. However, wire congestion and thermal issues are exacerbated due to the compact nature of these layered technologies. In this paper, we develop techniques to reduce the maximum temperature and wire congestion of 3D circuits without compromising(More)
Constructive learning algorithms ooer an approach to incremental construction of near-minimal ar-tiicial neural networks for pattern classiication. Examples of such algorithms include Tower, Pyramid, Upstart, and Tiling algorithms which construct multilayer networks of threshold logic units or, multi-layer perceptrons. These algorithms diier in terms of the(More)